You're an amazing person, you're beautiful and so unbelievably talented. Take care of yourself. You're awesome :3.


Thank you chickadee, that’s really really kind of you and I’m sure the same goes for you on all accounts. I’ll do my best and you do the same okay?
(come off anon? if it’s okay with you :3)

This is the worst time to go downhill oh my god. I need to be doing work but I can’t focus on anything but the itch under my skin and how I know to relieve it. I’m trying to distract myself but it’s not exactly productive apart from for the cause to keep my skin intact. Fuck! 

I always long for the darkening of the evenings as the latter half of the year approaches; with them comes the strangest combination of an uplift and a terrible downward spiral. I never can tell if it’s a good or bad thing for me, and I do wonder if I’m just desperate for something to help me lapse back into a deep depression. 
This probably sounds dumb but now I’m thinking about it it reminds me of Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage. 

Too nervous to come off anon cause i feel as if you hate me but anyway I miss you so much:( I hope you're doing well and I hope things are looking up. Take care, El x

No no no, I swear I know who this is and I don’t hate you! I hope you’re okay, look after yourself, and talk to me if you feel like you can. I miss you too. x

Honeys, I’m home! God damn am I glad to be back in my own bed. Had a lovely holiday but I’m exhausted, we literally walked miles up and down the beach every day, and sofa cushions really don’t compare to a mattress to sleep on. Hope you’ve all been well :o)

it’s very nice here i’ve missed it
the sofa is not very comfy to sleep on but i’ve slept on worse things
we’ve been to the beach a couple of times already
it’s been raining a lot but it’s been sunny whenever we’ve been out
one day i wanna live here

I’m going on holiday and I might not have wifi, so if I don’t post for a while that’s why! Don’t worry about me :o) 

I can’t tell if this is my depression or I’m just lazy
Sometimes I wonder if I’m just making this all up
I was fucking raised on self-doubt and it infiltrates everything

If anyone knows any shops in Walsall, Wolverhampton or Birmingham (the latter probably being my best bet) that sell cosplay outfits, can you message me please? 
I seem to remember there being some cosplay in part of in Oasis in Birmingham but it’s been a while. I’m hoping there’s at least one other shop. 

Just found out MCM Comic Con’s on in Birmingham again in November kjhfsdgfd 
Frantically searching for a cosplay I can have together in time